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A new element of hurt

Training in Tucson you expect it to be hot. Today it was, with a high of 104 (80 at 8am). This time of year you learn to live with the wind. Though it seems a little worse than normal this year. Todays ride saw 17-20 mph sustained winds with gusts of 25-35 mph…tomorrow calls for 45-50 mph wind!

Today though there was a new lung buster thrown in. As most in the nation know, Arizona has been hit with a lot  of big wildfires over the last couple of months. The newest one is very near Sierra Vista which is seperated from Tucson by about 100 miles and the Santa Rita mountain range. With the wind blowing it brought the fires smoke our way. During my 70 miler on the bike my lungs felt like they were going to explode. Racing hard at 6500 ft elevation 2 weeks ago my lungs felt better. Heat, wind and smoke equal a whole new type of hurt.

Hopefully the wind will change direction before tomorrows long run!