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2015 Tempe International Triathlon race report

May 17, 2015. Race weekend started on Saturday. I drove up to Tempe and picked up my packet. TriSports teammate Scott Perrine was gracious enough to allow me spend the night at his house. Scott prepared a great dinner and then relaxation was the focus of the night. Early to bed for an early morning.

Sunday began at 4am. After getting dressed and preparing my fluids I was off to Tempe Town Lake. I ate a bagel, banana and drank a bottle of Gatorade on the way.

Due to excessive rain on Friday night the probability of the swim was unknown. The city had to conduct a ecoli test, the results of which would be known at 5am…the race was scheduled to start at 6:30 (sprint)/7:00 (olympic). A backup plan (run) had been announced by the race director the previous day in case a swim was not allowed.

After parking in the designated parking garage it was a 1/2 mile walk across the Mill Ave. bridge to the transition area. As I was walking across the bridge I heard the race director announce that the swim was a go!

Transition was located under a bridge in the shade…a nice thing in the heat of Arizona. Race morning was cooler than usual but the shade was still appreciated. I racked my bike on my designated rack and sat up my gear, got body marked and hit the potra pottie before the lines got long. After a bit of socializing, it was time to start pulling on my wetsuit. after which I walked down to the lake and watched the sprint waves start. Waves were started 4 minutes apart. The first wave of the olympic distance race started at 7:00. The young guys started first and I was in the 3rd wave…men 45+. The 1500 meter swim was a single clockwise rectangle. I lined up in the front row on the left side. At the sound of the horn I quickly settled into a solid pace. I had clean water in front of me and was able to immediately get into a full stroke. As I approached the first turn buoy I ran into a large group from the previous wave. I made my way through them without any problems. Swimming down the back side was uneventful until I approached the bridge. The pylons blocked the view of the next turn buoy. I swam very slightly off course but quickly corrected once the buoy came into sight. I made the last turn and headed into the beach. I exited the water in 24:19 the 24th fastest swim overall.

The run to T1 was about 900 ft and up a flight of stairs. I used this time to get my wetsuit down to my waist and removed my cap and goggles. I quickly found my transition area, finished removing my wetsuit, put on my helmet, grabbed my bike and ran to the mount line. In and out of T1 in 1:11.

I threw my leg over my bike and headed out on the 40k course. I slipped my shoes on and got up to speed. The course is a 2 lap course, mostly flat with a few small hills, 3 180 turns and about 16 turns per lap. The sun was starting to heat up the course and the wind started to blow. My legs felt good and I pushed through the wind. The bike went well and I passed numerous people. I slipped my shoes off as I approached T2. I jumped off the bike running at the dismount line. I was off the bike in 1:04:49. I averaged 22.9 mph and had the 13th fastest bike overall.

Into T2 I quickly racked my bike, removed my helmet, put on my socks and running shoes, grabbed my hat, glasses, and number belt then hit the run course. In and out of T2 in 1:06.

The 10k run was a 2 loop course around the lake. Flat and fast except for a couple flights of stairs each loop. My legs were feeling good. I went through the first mile in 7:02. I made sure to take water at all the aid stations with the building heat. One cup over the head and one to drink. the second mile came in 6:51. Mile 3 included the stairs and came went by in 7:22. Mile 4 was a 7:03. A 6:58 mile followed and then up the stairs again for a 7:34 6th mile. The last 630 ft of the run was up hill to the finish and I held a 8:04 pace. Total run time 43:51 (7:11 average pace) and 34th fastest run overall.

I crossed the line in 2:15:14, 18th overall (including 5 pros) and 2nd in the 50-54 agegroup and a new olympic distance PR.

Next up is the Deuces Wild olympic distance triathlon in 2 weeks.

Bikes, slip and slides, watermelon, and snowcones!

What do these all have in common? The inaugural 5th Saturday Ride. July 30 everyone is invited to join employees, local Team TriSports athletes, TriSports champions and the athletes of the TriSports Tri Club for a group ride. Everyone will roll out of the TriSports parking lot at 6am. Distances are as long as you want to go…the ultimate destination is Gates Pass/McCain Loop. The ride will be followed by cold watermelon, even colder snowcones and you can cool off in the inflatable slip and slide! Have your family and kids meet you at the end of the ride and join in on the fun! Hope to see you there!

And don’t forget to use code BOLIV-S for 10% off any purchased goods you might need!

Training camp part deux.

This weekend, as part of the TriFest weekend at, Team Trisports had a training camp. This camp was not the intense camp like the Accelerate3 camp a few weeks ago and had a little more social aspect blended in. Of the 29 sponsored athletes, 25 converged from all parts of the U.S. …Arizona, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Mexico and California are a few that I remember. The weather was fantastic…clear, mid 80’s and devoid of the winds we had earlier in the week. 

Thursday…day 1

This day was our check in day. We met up with our sponsor coordinator Jaclyn to pick up our new team kits. The new fit and design were awesome. I then hit the trails for a 50 minute run on the Morning Wren, Yetman, and Hidden Canyon trails in Starr Pass. I had also gotten in a 2 hour bike ride earlier in the morning.

Friday…day 2

The team was up early meeting at TriSports for the 7:00 roll out for the Mt. Lemmon ride. This ride was open to all so we were joined by 150+ others. The ride from TriSports to the base of the climb was an hour of “no drop” pace to keep everyone together. From the base it wasa free for all… everyone was welcome to pick their own pace and climb up as far as they wanted. The group stopped at the base to strip off excess clothing since the climb was long and the desert sun was warming things up. As the group got rolling I was caught towards the rear. I worked my way forward to find that the group had already split and the faster guys were already up the road. I made an attempt to bridge up to the group but made little progress. So, I settled in in no-mans land between the two main groups and set my own pace. I slowly picked off a few riders as they dropped from the main group. We were given support by the Sram Race Support vehicle and I saw several with flat tires keeping those guys busy. At mile 11ish we were greeted by the smiling faces of the TriSports staff with there big ‘ol truck sagging…the cold water was welcomed as there is very limited water on the mountain. I filled my bottle and soldiered on until I reached my planned turn around point at mile 18. Did I mention the weather was great! The descent was a 40mph romp to the bottom. Then I returned to the start point at TriSports. A great lunch awaited the team members. Yummy.

After a few hours of relaxing the team them met at the Tucson JCC for a swim workout. After a short warmup we threw down a 100, 200, 300, and 400. That was followed by 4 fun 8 minute sets. The first one was heads up swimming. Next was several differant sculling drills. That was folowed by a game of catch…teams of 2-3 would start off in the center of the pool in opposite dirrections…you circle swam until one team caught the other…repeat until time was up. The last one was tug of war…2 swimmers teathered together with strech cords swim all out in opposite directions until one reaches the wall. After that we had to pick our fastest swimmer to do a get-out swim. If she completed a 100 in 1:00 minute we got to get out…if not we got to swim more. Fortunately she hit the wall in an awesome :59. After a shower and a little rest the team then met again at TriSports for a catered dinner (yummy again), introductions, some TriSports history and a tour of the facility which is quite impressive.

Saturday…day 3

Another early day as the team met at TriSports for a  mystery workout (we had packed a bag and turned it in the previous night for this event). We departed on our bikes at 6:30 and rode to the designated mystery workout location…the JW Marriott resort in Starr Pass. The resort graciously opened their doors to us for a “mini race” with a few twists. This race doubled as a photo shoot for the team and our new uniforms. The race was a blast. We started in time trial fashion…one off every 20 seconds. The start was a blast down the resorts water slide into the “lazy river” pool. We then swam a little over 2 loops in the lazy river against the current (to make it a bit harder). At a few spots there were water fountains that disrupted your breathing! After exiting the “river” we mounted our bikes, exited the resort grounds and rode 2 loops through Starr Pass. The loop consisted of non stop rolling climbs. One final hill back to the resort “transission” area and we were off of our bikes, slipping into our run gear and off for a run through the Hidden Canyon trail. The first half is a long climb before the downhill 2nd half. The whole trail is rocky and technical. Upon exiting the trail I missed a course arrow and led a few others to a premature finish, cutting off about a 1 mile loop around the resort. OOOPs…good thing this was just for fun! After the race we jumped on our bikes and took a “leasurely” ride over Gates Pass before returning to TriSports. Upon our return TriFest was in full swing. The parking lot was full of tents filled with vendors for the expo. We were also treated to taco’s…again, yummy! A little down time to get rested and cleaned up was followed by the TriSports VIP party. Another fun filled ending…food, band, beverages, poker and great people!

Thanks to Jaclyn, Sarah, Seton, Debbie and all the others that assisted in putting this all together! It was a great weekend.

Here are  pics from the Team Presentation “Race”.

Here are pics from the TriFest Mt Lemmon ride.

(Pics curtousy of Tom Demerly) blog on event