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Celebrating 50 at the 20th Annual Steelhead Triathlon

How does one celebrate their 50th birthday? If you’re me you wake up at 0300, aet a quick breakfast, throw your gear in the car and head to Sierra Vista, Az. for the 20th Annual Steelhead Triathlon on Ft. Huachuca. The race consists of an 800 yard pool swim, 12 mile hilly bike and a 3.1 mile hilly run.
After arriving I racked my bike, set up my gear and picked up my packet.


I was in the 4th wave so had a little extra time to warm up with a short run and make one last potty pitstop. I then waited for my lane to clear and got a short swim warm up in.
The horn sounded and we were off. I settled into a good solid pace. The swimmer in the next lane was a member of the Mexican National Triathlon team. I watched as he lapped me 4 times during the swim. But I seemed to be doing well against everyone else. I was out of the pool in 13:09. A quick glance at the pool saw most people were still swimming.
There was a short run to T1. T1 was quick. Goggles off, helmet on, go! 2:19.
Once on the bike I slipped my shoes on and got up to speed. The out and back bike course starts with a short rolling downhill into a sharp turn. The course continues to roll until the 2 mile mark then climbs 325 feet to the turn around. I passed a couple people in the first 2 miles. As I approached the turn around I saw the leader…the Mexican National team kid. I had closed the gap down from 3 minutes to about 2 minutes. I was off the bike in 30:00 (average speed 23mph) and had closed the gap down to about 1:30.
I was in and out of T2 in 1:02. Shoes off on the bike, helmet off, running shoes on. I put my hat and race belt on on the go.
The out and back run course is pretty much downhill to the turn around dropping 87 feet to the turn around. Then climb back to the finish. My legs were tired but I managed to average 6:39 mile pace. The first mile came in 6:12, followed by a 6:31 mile and slowed to a 7:15 uphill mile. I lost time to the leader but gained time on everyone else with a 20:16.
Total time 1:06:59. 4:42 off the first place time of the 18 year old and 4:57 ahead of the 17 year old 3rd place finisher. I won my agegroup by over 20 minutes.
Not a bad 50th!

Fort Report Steelhead Triathlon 14 from U.S. Army Fort Huachuca on Vimeo.



Fun on the fort…2013 Steelhead Triathlon

After a 19 hour training week, including a hot, windy and hilly 4 hour ride on Friday, I was up early Saturday (6-22-2013) to make the drive to Sierra Vista, Arizona under the light of the supermoon. It was time for the 19th edition of the Ft. Huachuca Steelhead triathlon, consisting of an 800 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run. I was greeted by a glorious sunrise as I rolled up to the bases front gate. A quick check in with the gate guard and then I was off to Irwin pool. I arrived with just enough time to pick up my packet, get body marked, set up my gear and get in a short run and swim warmup. Sporting #17 I was in the first wave. During my warmup I discovered one small annoyance. In my assigned swim lane, at the far end, was a climbing wall. The wall protruded into the water and extended about 2/3 of the way across my lane. When doing my flip turns, one foot would land on the climbing wall the other would barely hit the pool wall. Just something I will have to deal with! After the national anthem, we were back in the pool and ready for our 0630 start time. At the sound of the horn we were off. By the 4th lap of the swim my lane mate started to drop back a bit allowing me to move over at the climbing wall end of the pool just enough to get both feet on the wall during my turns. I was swimming strong and felt good. I watched as the girl in the next lane swam effortlessly while lapping me twice. I hate fast swimmers! I exited the pool in 10th place and hit the lap button on my Garmin…unfortunately, later I found that I had actually hit the stop button so no splits for the day. The run to T1 was about 200 meters. T1 went smooth…goggles off, helmet on, unrack bike, run to mount line. I got up to speed and then put my bike shoes on. The course starts off with a half mile slightly downhill to a sharp turn, then rolling hills for about 3 miles followed by a gradual 2.5 mile climb to the turn around. For the first 4 miles my legs felt like they were going to explode. The headwind out didn’t help. I was hurting but powered on passing 6 people by the time I hit the turn around. I held my position, gaining slightly on the top 3 guys, back to T2. As I approached T2 I saw the top 2 guys running down the road followed shortly after by the 3rd place guy. They had about 2 minutes on me. As I approached the dismount line I slipped out of my shoes and hit the ground running. Bike racked, helmet off, running shoes on and then hit the run. Hat, glasses and number belt on on the go. The run is an out and back that starts with a slight downhill for half a mile and then flattens out to the turn around. By this time the sun had started heating things up. My leg turnover was good. I got into my stride quickly. A quarter mile into the run I was passed. I started to try to match his pace but realized quickly that that would not have been a good thing. I dropped back to my pace and watched him slowly pull ahead. At the turn around I saw the top 2 guys running strong together about 1:30 up on me. I saw 3rd and 4th had about 20 seconds on me. As I started the last half mile up the hill I could see the 4th place guy up ahead. I focused on my run form and turnover and closed the gap. By the top of the hill I had caught the 4th place guy, but as I looked at his calf, found he was part of a relay team. I then ran strong to the finish to make sure I didn’t get re-passed. I crossed the line in 1:04:58…a course PR, 2 minutes off the winning time. 1st place was Luis Morales (1:02:42), a member of the Mexican National team, 2nd was Brian Grasky (1:03:01) and 3rd was Brandon Nichols (1:03:52).
I was extremely happy with my race. In the past I have won this race with a 1:07 time. I was well under that time on a course that is now longer…the run was always about 800 meters short in the past. This year the course was changed to make the run a true 5k.

40-49 agegroup podium

40-49 agegroup podium

Steelhead Triathlon Race Report

Today was the 17th annual Steelhead Triathlon at Ft. Huachuca (Sierra Vista, Az.).

I awoke at 3am, ate a quick breakfast, got dressed and then hit the road. It is a 1.5 hour drive. I arrived at the race site at 5am. I picked up my race packet and then proceeded to set up my transission area. A quick review of the course maps was followed by a short warm up run. I then got in the pool for a few warm up laps. The weather was great. Cool and overcast but the humidity was high.

6am…race time. I was in the first wave along with all the other fast guys and girls. This pool is always a slow swim for me…there are no stripes on the bottom so you have to keep an eye on the lane lines. Today was no exception. I exited the 800 yard swim in about 12:45 and found myself in about 15th place. With a swift transission I passed 5-6 people. I then made quick work of catching people on the bike. I settled into my aerobars and set a strong pace. The course is a 12 mile out and back. The first half is rolling hills followed by a 1-1.5 mile steady climb to the turn around. By the turn around I was in 5th place…3 individuals and 1 relay team in front of me. I was slowly making up time on the 4th place guy. I entered transission only a few seconds behind him. After another quick transission I was off for the out and back 5k run. The course is a slight downhill all the way to the turn around and then retracing your path back up the hill to the finish. I overtook 4th place within the fist 1/4 mile. My foot turn over was fast and I felt good. I saw 1st place and knew that he was out of reach. 2nd was a relay team so I wasn’t too worried about them. 3rd was a possibility but it would be tough. I was gaining a little time on him and had him within view but ran out of space. I crossed the line in 3rd overall with a time of 1:06:40. The awards were nice “crystal” trophies and were handed out by the base commander.

Now I have 2 weeks remaining in a 3 week mid-season break then the build up for Ironman Arizona begins.

A new element of hurt

Training in Tucson you expect it to be hot. Today it was, with a high of 104 (80 at 8am). This time of year you learn to live with the wind. Though it seems a little worse than normal this year. Todays ride saw 17-20 mph sustained winds with gusts of 25-35 mph…tomorrow calls for 45-50 mph wind!

Today though there was a new lung buster thrown in. As most in the nation know, Arizona has been hit with a lot  of big wildfires over the last couple of months. The newest one is very near Sierra Vista which is seperated from Tucson by about 100 miles and the Santa Rita mountain range. With the wind blowing it brought the fires smoke our way. During my 70 miler on the bike my lungs felt like they were going to explode. Racing hard at 6500 ft elevation 2 weeks ago my lungs felt better. Heat, wind and smoke equal a whole new type of hurt.

Hopefully the wind will change direction before tomorrows long run!