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LG Carbon Tri HRS bike shoes…First ride, first impressions

I bought a new pair of LG Carbon Tri HRS bike shoes from Today I took my first ride in them.

Out of the box these shoes had a very good fit. After following the simple instructions for a semi “custom” fit they fit great! The custom fit involves pre-heating an oven to 150 degrees, inserting shoes for 15 minutes, remove shoes, put shoes on foot, tighten straps, let cool on foot…very simple. The shoe uppers are very sturdy. Several large vents, including one in the toe and two in the sole, keep feet cool. One nice feature is the inclusion of two insoles, one solid for cold days and one perforated for warm days. Attaching my cleat system (Speedplay) was simple and straight forward. The soles have marks on them to make replicating cleat placement easy. The soles are drilled for 3 hole mounts.

On the bike the shoes cradled my feet snuggly but comfortably. My feet stayed in place…no hill lift or foot movement throughout the pedal stroke. The carbon soles are stiff and transfer power nicely.

Looking forward to spending many miles in the saddle in these shoes.