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Today I finished off my 1st 20+ hour of training since my winter training camp. What a week for it to fall in. Temps all this week were 105 or higher and the monsoon humidity still high. Even the pool was miserable…nothing like diving into nice 90 degree water for a workout. Staying hydrated during long workouts took some thought. I went through 6 large water bottles on todays 4 1/2 hour ride…thank you circle k .79cent big  gulps…44 oz. of cold powerade!

Recovery, recovery, recovery…tomorrow starts another long week.

Day 4…the end of the road.

Day 4 of camp is now complete.

Started off the day waking to an inch of snow…in Tucson’s valley!

Threw on the cold run gear and headed to the Yetman trail for an hour 40 minute run. My legs were feeling the fatigue from the weeks activities. The hills felt WAY bigger than normal. I dropped off the pace of the rest of the group and finished off the run at a slightly reduced pace.

I then took a short rest then it was time for a short ride. The ride was an easy spin of an hour 20 minutes through Starr Pass. 15 minutes from finishing and it began to sleet. Strangely I smiled through it…must of been the fatigue…and the knowledge that some well deserved rest was just around the corner.

A few days of couch surfing and easy recovery workouts are on deck!

Tucson snow…

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