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Day 1 of camp has come to an end.

First day of camp is history. 1.25 hour run with Vo2¬†intervals followed by 1.25 hours in the pool (3600 meters). After a quick lunch we jumped on our bikes for a 3.75 hour ride that included 2 times up Gates Pass, a 3 mile 12-13 percent grade, that saps the little energy I had left in my legs. My legs are pretty much tanked. This is going to be a long week! Now it’s time to recover for tomorrows “fun”.

To be continued…

And so it begins…again.

After my “winter” break, my first week of training is coming to¬†an end. This has been a very easy week just to get things “working” again. The workouts would be considered easy recovery workouts during the season. However, after 3 weeks of play station, these short easy workouts have left my leg muscles sore. Fortunately they will get a reprive this weekend…camping in the southern Arizona back country!