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Running with the big dogs

Living and training on the west side of Tucson I often run into some of triathlons “top dogs”. Most recently it has been at the track. During  my Tuesday workout Miek Twelsiek was going through his paces. That was followed by the college track team doing some drill work (Man, those guys have incredible leg speed…and they are “just” Jr. College athletes!). On Friday I was “joined” by Ironman World Champion Miranda Cafrae. It just so happens we were both running 800’s. Surprisingly our pace was dead even…of course I was doing Vo2 pace and she appeared to be well under that level, I only had 3 to do and she was doing 8+ and her rest interval was half of mine.

Day 2…still alive!

Survived day 2 of camp…yea!

Started the day off in the pool…3400 meters! It is a little humbling to look across the lanes and see how effortless others can make swimming fast look. Of course the other lanes were fool of Olympians, future Olympians, Ironman champs and World champions.

After drying off and consuming calories we mounted our bikes for a nice little ride that included an ascent and descent of Kitt Peak…12 miles and 4000 ft elevation change! Throw in a little wind just to keep it interesting.

Polished the day off with an “easy” 40 minute run.

Day 3 starts bright and early tomorrow…time to sleep!