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Hiking Madera Canyon – an oasis in the desert

After racing on Saturday, Sunday was recovery day. What better way to recover than a nice hike in Madera Canyon, Az. I packed up the family, dog and a lunch and away we went. Here are a few pics from the day…

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Training down time…go hiking!

With the end of my racing season comes the winter down time. Rest, relax, and mental/physical recovery. Last weekend I took the family for a hike. Nothing overly strenuous. Just some nice desert scenery in the Tucson Mountain Park. I run these trails several times a week, this time I actually got to enjoy the views. Along for the trip was my wife, daughter, mom and my aunt and uncle from California. We started with the Rock Wren trail, to the David Yetman trail to the Bowen House. The weather was perfect…low 70’s and sunshine! Was a great day.

A slideshow of pics…

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