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Ironman build begins

After a mid-season “break” of 3 weeks reduced training, the build for Ironman Arizona has begun. The first week transitioning back to the higher volume/intensity definitely put my body in hurt mode. The heat and Arizona “monsoon” season humidity have added to the hurt factor. Makes keeping on top of hydration a full-time affair. During my break time I got to cut back to 8-9 workouts a week..about 10-12 hours of training. A 17 hour week (15 workouts) to transition followed by 18.5 hours last week. 10 20+ hour weeks will follow and then 3 weeks to taper. Throw in 4 races (a 1/2 Ironman, 2 sprint tri’s and a duathlon) between now and then and that makes for a busy schedule!  13 weeks seems just around the corner.

New day, new year, bring on the structure.

Today was the first day of 2011 and the last day of my unstructured workouts, a 2 hour ride in 32 degree sunshine. The last 5 weeks have been spent just getting back into the swing of things. Going by feel, doing whatever I felt like when I woke that day. Monday the structured workouts start, building the base for the upcoming season.