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2XU Compression Trisuit…a race world review.

I was supplied with one of 2XU’s new men’s Compression Trisuits by my awesome sponsor, to race in at the Tucson Triathlon last weekend. I received the suit on the morning of the race. I am 5’7 155lbs and the suit was a size medium. Upon first trying it on the fit was extremely good. The suit is tight-fitting and the shoulders are wide. The front has a 9 inch zipper and the back has one small pocket on the lower back area perfectly sized for a gel or two. The suit is available in 3 color’s…black, blue/gray and white/gray (tested).

The tight fit of the suit made it swim well. No billowing or water intake was noticed during the swim or when doing flip turns. This is not a speed suit and is meant to be worn for the entire race. When wet the white suit did not become see-through as many do.

Once on the bike the suit dried quickly. The Elite LD chamois was comfortable without being bulky. The grippers did their job and kept the legs in place.

Out on the run the suit remained comfortable. Race day was hot and the suit breathed well and wicked sweat.

Overall a great fitting trisuit that can be worn from start to finish, keeps you cool and dry and is comfortable in the water, on the bike and during the run for all race distances.

Digging deep for some extra speed

View for the competition


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    February 10, 2013 at 03:40

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