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Life with my Garmin Forerunner 910XT

I have been training with the new Garmin Forerunner 910XT HR for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I purchased one of the first to go out the door at Included in the box are the watch, charger, several attachments for the charger for use in other countries (very useful if you travel internationally), a USB ANT+ drive, the heart rate strap,  and the users quick start manual (in every language imaginable). The first thing I noticed was that considering all the tasks the watch is capable of the manual only contained 15 pages.

The unit is just slightly larger than my Timex Ironman watch. There are 2 buttons on each side of the watch and 2 on the face of the watch. The buttons are well laid out for ease of use. The 910 is very easy to use for it’s basic features which explains the 15 page manual. There is a more in depth manual online that allows for further features. It took about 2 hours to fully charge the watch. When you power the watch up it walks you through the set up proceedure. The set up takes about 5 minutes and is very easy. The watch has settings for swimming, biking, running and a triathlon mode. Each area has the option of customizing the pages for the info displayed.

In swim mode the watch displays workout time, average pace, distance, avg. strokes/length, avg. swim golf (swolf) score, interval pace, interval distance, interval time, last length strokes, stroke rate. The 910m can be set for open water or pool swimming.

In bike mode there are displays for power functions, workout time, avg. speed, distance, elevation, heart rate, lap time, lap speed, lap distance, last lap info, and a virtual pacer.

In run mode there are displays for workout time, pace, distance, elevation, heart rate, lap time, lap pace, lap distance, last lap info, and a virtual pacer.

In triathlon mode the 910 switches between modes with the push of the lap button and can be set to give seperate transition times.

The watch connects to satalites fairly quickly. Basic operations are very easy to use and navigate. In swim mode the 910 will not pick up distance during kick sets and attempts (not always accurately) to track what stroke you are swimming. I have had no problems with the bike and run modes.

Downloading info from the 910 to Garmin Connect is extremely simple. You simply plug in the USB ANT drive, and after the initial set up, turn the watch on within 3 meters of your computer and it automaticly uploads your workouts.

If you swim, bike, and run and are into information overload and ease of use, this is the tool for you.

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