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LG Carbon Tri HRS bike shoes…First ride, first impressions

I bought a new pair of LG Carbon Tri HRS bike shoes from Today I took my first ride in them.

Out of the box these shoes had a very good fit. After following the simple instructions for a semi “custom” fit they fit great! The custom fit involves pre-heating an oven to 150 degrees, inserting shoes for 15 minutes, remove shoes, put shoes on foot, tighten straps, let cool on foot…very simple. The shoe uppers are very sturdy. Several large vents, including one in the toe and two in the sole, keep feet cool. One nice feature is the inclusion of two insoles, one solid for cold days and one perforated for warm days. Attaching my cleat system (Speedplay) was simple and straight forward. The soles have marks on them to make replicating cleat placement easy. The soles are drilled for 3 hole mounts.

On the bike the shoes cradled my feet snuggly but comfortably. My feet stayed in place…no hill lift or foot movement throughout the pedal stroke. The carbon soles are stiff and transfer power nicely.

Looking forward to spending many miles in the saddle in these shoes.

365 days in the Brooks Cascadia-long term review

365 days ago I purchased 2 pair of Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes from These where my primary training shoes. I ran on average 6 times a week totaling 40-60 miles per week. I rotated the shoes on a daily basis. 90% of my runs were on trails with hard packed, rocky and sandy terrain in the Arizona desert. These shoes are beasts.

The uppers…I have had no complaints. They look as good today as they did the day I purchased them. They have held up extremely well. The materials show no wear (except for being a bit dirtier) and the seams are still completely in tact.

The soles/mid soles…The soles wear well. Being a mid foot striker, the heel area still looks new and the mid/fore foot area, though worn, still has some lug surface left. The midsole held up well. I began noticing breakdown of the midsole at around 11 months.

Overall this is a very solid, long wearing shoe that I would recommend highly to anybody that spends a lot of time on the trail. Not a light shoe by any means but a great trainer.

I am replacing these with another pair of Cascadia’s and trying out a pair of the new  Brooks Grits.

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3 Vehicross’ reunite on Bull Spring Road

9 year ago I organized the first big get together for Arizona Vehicross owners. It was an off-road outing that attracted 8-9 VX owners. The trail was Bull Spring Road. Back then we thought that was a pretty hardcore trail…now after tackling some truly hardcore trails Bull Spring Road is a pretty easy, although scenic, jaunt through the desert mountains starting south of Green Valley that leads to the town of Patagonia.

So, this year I threw the invite out to the VX crowd to reunite some of the old gang and get some of the new out on an easy trail followed by some great food. Things were looking good with 9-10 people saying they would be there and another 5 or so on the maybe list. As the trip date grew nearer the bailouts started to fly…bummer. Oh well, their loss!

Sunday December 11 arrived and it was show time. I was joined at the designated meet place/time by Bob in  his victory white Ironman edition and Victor in his ebony with Prashant riding shotgun. My wife accompanied me in my ebony.

We rolled onto the trail with the temperature climbing into a near perfect 70 and the sun shining. We had a great view of Elephant Head to our backs.

Our first stop was the Glove Mine. We were fortunate enough to have access to the mine for a little exploring. Bob gave us a tour through the dark shafts and educated us on the history.

From there we climbed through the desert mountain landscape and had several opportunities to catch a glimpse of Whipple Observatory perched on top of Mt. Hopkins.

We made a stop at the ruins of the old post office which during the heights of the mining boom was home to some 1000 P.O. boxes for the miners.

From there it was a short jaunt into the town of Patagonia and the tires hit pavement again.

Lunch called for a stop at the Velvet Elvis for some great pizza of the likes you will find nowhere else.

After lunch Bob parted ways. Victor tailed me for the scenic way home through Sonoita and Box Canyon. Then the day drew to an end with me heading home and Victor heading up I-10.

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Day 1

After 2 weeks of couch surfing (AKA off-season), today was day 1 of the next season. Laced up the Brooks and went for an easy 35 minute run focusing on my run form. After nearly 20 years of multi-sport it still amazes me how much fitness disappears in such a short time…but, the mental and physical recovery is a good thing. A few weeks of unstructured training will lead in to my base phase of training. Bring on the miles!