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2011 Tinfoilman Triathlon

Yesterday I raced the Tinfoilman Triathlon at the University of Arizona. Tinfoilman is the final race of the 3 race Tucson Tri Series. For the past month I have been at my peak weeks for my Ironman prep and this week was no different. A week of long hours of training capped off with a race makes things interesting.

The day started at 4am with the blaring of the alarm. 3 blueberry eggos for breakfast, got dressed and jumped in the pre-packed car. Arrived at the race venue at 5am. I set up my transission area and then headed back to the comfort of my front seat for a 2 hour nap. Being in the last wave meant my race didn’t start until 9:25. After my morning nap I hung out a bit catching up with friends. Two bottles of Gatorade kept me hydrated.

As start time got closer it was time for a warm up. I went for a 10 minute run…the legs felt like lead. I told myself not to worry, once the race adrenalin kicked in all would be okay. Next up was a little pool time. 500 yards got the blood flowing.

Game time!

The race consists of an 825 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 3  mile run.

The swim

After a brief briefing the “GO” was sounded. 33 lengths in the Hildebrand pool. I felt pretty good and quickly got into a solid pace. I was keeping track of my laps but apparently lost track along the way. Coming to the wall with what I thought was 3 lengths to go the red paddle was in the water signaling 1 length left…it was a pleasant surprise! Out of the pool and off to T1.

The swim damage…10:58 my best swim there in 10 years!

17th best of the day, 2nd best in my agegroup.


Exiting pool


The bike

T1 was fast. Drop goggles, helmet on, run to mount line…flying mount. Quickly got my feet in my shoes and got up to speed. The bike course is 3 loops with slight uphill for half of each  loop and slight downhill for the other half of each loop and one very rough section (going north on Euclid). The course is fast. My legs quickly became heavy but I put my head down and push the pedals. The first 2 laps were slightly congested with the previous waves but I had no problems negotiating my way around. As the 3rd lap came to a close I slipped my feet out of my shoes and made the turn in to transission. At the dismount line I was off and running. Racked my bike, removed my helmet, on with the running shoes, grabbed my hat, glasses and number belt and was off for the run.

T1/Bike/T2 damage…30:28

7th fastest of the day, fastest in my agegroup.



Rocketing down the road

The Run

The run consists of a short out section, 2 loops of the UofA mall and then back to the finish. Exiting transission I had forgotten about my lead legs and my turn over was good. I hit the mall area and was still feeling good. In the grassy area in the middle a group from a physics club was competing in a “pumpkin chuckin” contest with various big contraptions they had built. Glad they shot straight! Finishing the first lap my legs were screaming. I stayed focused and continued  to hold my pace. With about 1/2 mile to go my legs wanted to be done. I was was on empty as I crossed the finish line.

Run damage…19:33

16th best of the day, fastest in my agegroup.

Starting the run
Heading to the finish
Finishing strong

The overall damage!

12th overall, 1st in my agegroup
Collecting hardware