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Maxxis ReFuse = Bombproof

For the past couple of years I have been training on the Maxxis ReFuse tire. This is a great training tire. It has a long wear life. My first set lasted me 9 months of Ironman training miles. I had zero flats riding on rough roads and running over debris that would kill a normal tire. The sidewalls of these tires are on the stiff side. I run them 5-10 psi lower than the recommended pressure. These tires are strictly training tires…they are on the upper end of the scale and have the rolling resistance of a brick. But they have brought me many trouble free, flat free and enjoyable miles. If you are looking for a bombproof training tire I highly recommend these.

So sore…

…but, from a strange source. XBox Kinect boxing. Who would have known how sore you could get from a video game. 3 rounds of flailing fists and woke to sore arms and shoulders. Apparently there are some unused muscles in there! Definately made my swim workout interesting today.

New day, new year, bring on the structure.

Today was the first day of 2011 and the last day of my unstructured workouts, a 2 hour ride in 32 degree sunshine. The last 5 weeks have been spent just getting back into the swing of things. Going by feel, doing whatever I felt like when I woke that day. Monday the structured workouts start, building the base for the upcoming season.