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Brooks Cascadia – First impressions.

I have been a New Balance 900 series trail shoe wearer for 8+ years. The past few years the quality of the upper construction has gone down hill. They were falling apart long before I could break wear out/break down the soles. So I decided it was time for a change.Picked up a couple pair of the Brooks Cascadia trail shoes from I wore a size 9.5 in the NB’s but needed to go up a full size for the Brooks (10.5).  Took them out for their first run today. I have a slightly narrow foot with a medium arch and found the shoe to fit great. snug in all the right places and roomy in the toe box. The sole is on the stiff side however the shape makes the transition from mid foot to fore foot smooth. Todays trial was on a trail that included a small amount of pavement (to get there), hard packed dirt, deep soft sand, rocky areas (baseball to softball size rocks) and some up and down hills. The shoe handled all of the surfaces very well. The wide sole platform is stable and the protection from the rocks is very good. First impression…I like these shoes a lot. We will see how they hold up over the long term…though I have heard a lot of good stuff.

First official day of winter

A rare winter solstice full lunar eclipse. The shortest day of the year. A great day of riding (my bike) through the giant saguro’s of western Tucson in 75 degree weather…how sweet it was!

The harsh reality of winter training.

Winter training is a harsh environment for a triathlete.  Being in Tucson that means we have to “suffer” through days that only get up to the 70’s (the forcast for this weekend calls for low 80’s).  On rare occassion we have to put on the cold weather gear (vest, arm and knee warmers and gloves) when it dips into the frigid 60’s. Snow…what is that? Rain…with an average of 12 inches a year, not to often!  Swimming outdoors year round…oh, the inhumanity.

Weekend of relaxation

This weekend was spent 4 wheeling and camping. The trail was Rug Road. Along with the natural beauty of the desert there was also a bit of history along the way. Stops along the way included old mine sites with equipment still in tact, Native American cliff dwellings, a geocacheing site, old ranch house’s and a dinosaur made of old car parts! The night sky is spectacular when you are in the middle of nowhere devoid of city lights!

And so it begins…again.

After my “winter” break, my first week of training is coming to an end. This has been a very easy week just to get things “working” again. The workouts would be considered easy recovery workouts during the season. However, after 3 weeks of play station, these short easy workouts have left my leg muscles sore. Fortunately they will get a reprive this weekend…camping in the southern Arizona back country!